Nottingham Advantage Award

Nottingham Advantage Award is an optional employability award for you in case you are just enthusiastic for some of the modules offered here which are outside your main academic studies. This means that this is just something extra which you can choose to commit, but otherwise, it is fine not to be involved if you are afraid that you cannot keep up with your studies. But, think of it on the bright side, at least you are able to get an extra certificate when you graduate.

The modules offered under the Nottingham Advantage Award are 90% of the time free unless you are required to purchase the textbooks or otherwise. There are many modules offered, in terms of language, finance knowledge, etc.

So, let’s say that you are interested in German or Japanese. Guess what? They are actually offering these summer modules right now during our summer break.

Let’s say if you are an incoming student and you are interested in activities like these, you can just ask around in the E building (Orange building) or even check out your email for more information on the NAA. Feel free to check out the link to know on NAA:

I think everyone should try out this NAA module… Although it is optional, but this experience can give you some experience that you can put on your CV, easier to get employed…

Honestly, I think that the NAA cert is just an extra and not really that important but if you want to learn some extra stuff, this is a good platform.