Night Market Near UCSI

Time for some fun, people! One of the best things about studying in UCSI is to easily walk out there and visit our largest night market in Kuala Lumpur. Taman Connaught Night Market is located just right outside of our campus. It happens every Wednesday night and it’s the best place to hangout after a long day of classes.

Well, some may be overwhelmed by that strong smell of fermented tofu, but it’s not the only delicious food in the night market that can satisfy your taste buds. From traditional Nyonya
kuih-muih, Apam Balik and Char Koay Kak to your favourite Salted Egg Fried Chicken, Grilled Seafood and Ice-Cream, there are so much more for you to explore! You can also shop till you drop amidst the stalls selling various fashion items and electronic accesories.

A small little concern would be the crowd and traffic jam but it’s not really a big issue. A trick is to use the back entrance if you’re leaving the campus around evening as it’s quite common to get stuck at the front crossroad during that time. Overall, I would say it’s a great place to have fun, especially with our friends.

Here’s a photo of the exciting night market:

Source: Timeout Kuala Lumpur

Now, how much do we spend in the night market? I would say if you’re just there to grab a dinner or some random snacks, RM 20 is more than enough. However, if you’re going to do some shopping, it’s generally safer to carry at least RM 50. You know, there are many awesome goods being offered in the night market and sometimes we just couldn’t resist the temptation. :smirk:

While people travel miles to visit this night market, it’s our priviledge to be placed just a few steps away from it! So, let’s appreciate the opportunity and make the best use of it.

That means? It’s food hunt time!

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7 days a week,
Wednesday would be the best day if you’re studying in UCSI. It’s an indication for a journey of food hunt in the Taman Connaught Pasar Malam which is just right beside us.

It’s great to come over with a bunch of friends after your lectuter classes or even assignment meeting ! Time to relax and enjoy :slight_smile:

The fermented tofu is irresistible🤤