New Study Areas in UCSI

Although our library comes with 5 floors, but sometimes we still struggle to find a table. It gets even worse during study weeks as everyone is giving their all for the upcoming exams. Well, what can we do about that? It’s not that the spaces are limited but it’s just that there are more and more students getting in the university. :laughing:

FORTUNATELY, our management is coming in rescue! They have just established a number of new study areas for us to do our revision. There are options of individual seats for someone who needs personal space to study as well as more spacious round tables for group discussions. Some of the areas even come with partitions so that students can be more focused when studying.

You can currently find a study area at 5th floor of our library or 8th floor of Block G in our campus. And guess what, I heard that there are more coming up! Can’t wait! :raised_hands: