My Most Memorable Experience at KDU

I had completed my Foundation in UNITAR, and I decided to do my Degree in KDU as I wanted to study Business with law course.

What is my most memorable experience at KDU will be, I had came to KDU for interrogation about course and fees with my friend before I truly enrollment. Then, we met a friendly consultant for explanation and walked around in KDU campus.

For the enrollment day, I was accompanied by one of the easyuni staff-Mr.Thomas. He was helpful and guided me step by step in everything.

I was having lots of fun and making lots of friends during the orientation. We had conducted ice breaking games, brief and talk there. All went activities went smooth and clear. And it’s able to make students understand all the rules and regulation in KDU.

I had join a singing club and it’s was really fun. Then I remember,once I was selected to do public singing but I refused that and I preferred playing guitar instead. Luckily the song wasn’t that hard and I managed to handled it.

Wrong class
As I waved hand to a familiar lecturer while passing by his classroom so he assumed that I was late to class but I didn’t register for his subject at all. So I got called into class and he lesson me in front of all and said that I should not be late and being late shows disrespect to lecturer and classmates…#awkward