My favourite class so far

Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

I have indeed gone through quite a number of subjects over these few years of study. The subjects during my diploma studies (Diploma in Management) were relatively more general and most of them are related to business management. There were also subjects related to other fields like information technology, accounting and human resource management. On the other hand, the subjects for my degree studies (BA (Hons) Branding and Advertising) are mostly focused on marketing and branding.

Nevertheless, my favourite subject out of all for now is Entrepreneurship which I have taken back during my diploma years. The first thing to be happy about was in fact the lecturer. She was super friendly and treat us more like friends than students. She was very good in teaching and always willing to guide us through our courseworks. I could still remember when she gave out gifts to students who score well in exam for her subject. (Well, I was one of them. :laughing:) I’m still keeping! Look how lovely it is:

Besides, I was also very interested in the syllabus itself. Owning a business has always been my dream and therefore, I think this subject has definitely helped me a lot in brushing up my business knowledge and entrepreneurial skills. :wink: The assignment was also pretty fun. We were required to come up with a business plan for a new self-created product. I still find it amusing that my group was so dedicated that we made a prototype using papers. (Our new product was Customized Watch Straps.) Take a look at our creativity back then:

Looks legit, right?

I really had so much fun with this subject! Moreover, I believe it has equipped us with lots of knowledge important for our future career or possibly business ventures too. :smiley: