My experience with part time jobs

College is great, isn’t it? As exciting as it is, the financial burden that comes with it can be unbearable, especially if your only financial source is your parents. All the irresistible temptations such as bubble milk tea and seasonal mall sales don’t help in your attempt to save money either. There are numerous ways a student could earn extra cash without having to sacrifice their performance in college. It could be through freelancing, part-time jobs or tutoring. In the past, I have taken up a part-time job as a waitress in Haagen-Dazs. It was an excellent way to earn extra cash as a student for many important reasons. The flexibility of my work schedule was crucial as a working student. I was able to manage my work time properly without neglecting my college obligations. My supervisor at that time was lenient in preparing my weekly work schedules, oftentimes considering my class schedules and exam seasons. Though the pay wasn’t much, it was sufficient to support my daily expenditures. I was paid RM7 per hour, and the amount triples for public holidays. From your perspective, what are other possible ways to earn extra cash as a student?