My experience in college

As we proceed with our life we may face many different challenges. Most common situation is going to college and facing different types of challenges.

High school is as same as collage but is also different as well. Things that are the same as high school are people and work.

In my experience life is unpredictable. It might be really good or bad or weird but you should expect anything to happen.

My experience in high school was really good i had a good circle of friends and my grades were perfect.i was scared to go to collage although i have heard from many people that “collage is the best time of your life” but still I had to face a bit of difficulty in collage because I didn’t anyone and i was in other country as well. All the culture shock , new people and environment freaked me

Out . But with time everything got really better and i can say collage experience is the best experience of your life.