My Experience as a Broadcast Communication Major in UPM + A Simple Guide

You’re a Bac. Communication student in UPM and its now time to choose your major? Don’t know what suits you well? Well now, let me tell you bout one of the four majors offered under Bac. Communication at UPM.

pretty much how it will look like

Broadcasting is one out of Four (4) majors offered under Bac. Communication in UPM. Others are Journalism, Corporate and Human.

Now, to the Simple Guide.

1. Basic Preparation

You’ll be needed to fill in a form regarding selecting your major on your second semester. Thus, you have to start your preparation as early as the First Semester!

Reminder! !

If you are insisting in taking in this major, you have to sit for a TEST. That clarify why you need an early preparation.

Because its a major that are in a high demand and kinda ‘exclusive’ I can say. :smirk:

Excel the test and you’ll secure a place in a broadcasting major.

2. Must Have

Yes! Those expensive creature shall be yours to have when you decided to take the broadcasting major. This is because, most of the major courses will requires you to use it for your classes and assignments at least for the whole two semesters. p/s: you can borrow if you can’t afford but it’ll be quite troublesome

Other than must have it thing, you also need a MUST HAVE TO LEARN. what is it?

Not familiar with it? you better be. Its a familiar picture when someone doing video editing. And a broadcasting student should know and willing to learn on how to do it; video editing.

Let it be just Movie Maker or even Final Cut Pro, it does not matter. Just go and learn it to pass your assignments. :stuck_out_tongue:

3. Core Subjects

<div align=center"> might happen to you :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, there are seven(7) core subjects under broadcasting major. Just the name of it will surely gives you a little overview on what will it be.

1. Basic Photography
2. Basic Video Production
3. Video/TV Production and Presentation Techniques
4. Radio Production and Presentation Techniques
5. Script Writing
6. Documentary Production
7. Broadcast Management

If these subjects spark your interests, this might be the major for you. :wink:

4. Practical Vs Theory

A theory lover shall not be under this major. Simply because its 80% practical most of the time for most of its core subjects.

You shall get your feet to touch the real industry, contacting real public figure for your production purpose. Seem tough? As tough as it could be, there are lot of joy to be taste too! :grin:

5. Facilities for Broadcasting Students

No worries bro. Facilities are equipped for you guys. You can do your photography shot, video editing, voice recording and many more! :v:

1. Photography Lab
2. Putra FM
3. Broadcasting Lab
4. Editing Room

You might get confuse now on what to choose, but if you expect a thriller course for your degree, go for Broadcast Communication! :muscle: :camera: :movie_camera:

What about other majors? do we have to sit for the test too? is it compulsory? What if we didn’t pass the test?

You only require to sit for a test if you want to make Broadcasting and Corporate as your major. If your first choice of major is not among these two, you don’t have to sit for a test and will surely get it.

And if you didn’t pass the test, you’ll get other major based on what the coordinator give you.

DSLR is a must have? Its quite expensive leh. Will it be inconvenience for me the whole semester then if I just keep borrowing? :worried: