Multitasking and ‘super-taskers’


Doing two things at once makes us feel as if we are somehow saving time and appear more efficient, yet there’s still a nagging feeling that we might ultimately face the music. We are lead to believe that trying to juggle too much at once means we don’t pay enough attention to each task; in psychology that is the monochronic assumption. Polychronic assumption is that one performs better when they are doing lots of things at once, and can excel in jobs which require them to do just that. Usually, though, this is multi-tasking — or the polychronic assumption — that is notorious.

According to statistics, the most popular combination is watching TV at the same time as chatting on the phone. It’s not too uncommon to check our email while surfing the internet and having a couple of pdfs open simultaneously, not to mention the music playing in the background. Of course, we could decide not to check our email so frequently or to turn off alerts, but in general we tend not to.

When you concentrate on more than one task at a time there simply isn’t sufficient cognitive resource to go round. Therefore, whatever you’re doing might go the same way as the dodo.

The interesting fact is that, as demonstrated by scientists, multi-tasking can actually increase your cognitive load. Multi- tasking might often be the only way to get things done if one is given a tough deadline and they are forced to narrow their options in how good each task can be finished.

Are you in favor of multitasking?


Yeapp! Yay multitasking but no to multitasking while driving :cry:


so how many people actually are super taskers? I don’t think there are a lot. we have to see multi tasking as a positive thing. not always it’s distressful to get things done while doing multiple things


Yes, apparently not too many people — there are suggestions that some 2% of the population are ‘supertaskers’. I agree with what you said; even if you’re not a supertasker, still multi-tasking shouldn’t be notorious. In fact, there’s some benefit to it. And that is how good we get at integrating information through different senses, i.e. our ears and eyes. Since real life involves a lot of integration of different senses this could be a good skill to possess.


To me it’s all about time-saving. I follow the way that I can save time which obviously happens through multitasking. By multitasking one can be more efficient in doing their tasks. I favor studying while reading news as a good multitasking behavior; while studying and listening to music probably isn’t my favorite kind of thing.