More and more people are having problems with their eyes. You can be the one who save them!

Here I am to share another interesting programme offered by UCSI! Under our Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences, there is this Bachelor of Optometry (Hons) programme that I find super cool.

Those who graduate from this programme will be able to register as optometrists with the Malaysian Optical Council (MOC). In 4 years of study, students will be trained on how to manage various eye conditions. I would say this programme is pretty practical and students are equipped with advanced optometric clinical skills. In their final year, students will go through clinical trainings in a simulated optometric environment, practising on each other before moving on to real patients, under the supervision of experienced lecturers.

There are lots of demand for this specialized profession out there as people tend to experience different eye health issues across different stages in their life. Optometrists are the ones that’ll provide effective primary eye and vision care services to the general public consisting of people with different age ranges. It’s not only about the potential high income that you’ll be earning but also the great meaning of saving people from harmful eye conditions.

I have a couple of friends who are now pursuing this course and they said it is so fun! They really enjoy what they are doing and excited about their future journey in the industry.

To you who is interested in this field of study, feel free to walk in to our campus and seek for more information from the Student Enrollment Centre. :wink: