Minimum spending on college

College students tend to spend a lot during college life due to the necessity for food, transportation, electronic equipment, and stationaries. Let’s try listing out the approximate amount used per month, minimum of RM 10 per meal, RM10 transport per day, gadgets such as a laptop (RM2800+) and calculator (RM60+), stationeries like, pen, ruler, and more (RM10+). All these added together will be RM 3200+ used for a month. The amount we need to spend will be RM 400+ per month even after purchasing the gadgets and stationaries that can last a long time. This is still a high cost for a normal student. However, we can overcome all these with few methods. For example, we can get a second-hand gadget at a reasonable price. Also, we can register for a student transportation card to travel at a lower price. We can prepare a lunch box for ourselves to save up. There are a lot of ways to save up if we want to.