Milan Fashion Week

Accademia del Lusso is a famous Italian School of Fashion & Design located in the most fashionable city in the country - Milan. Students are involved regularly in many events happening in Milan but the most exciting one is definitely the Milan Fashion Week. Apart from that, students have to travel overseas and exchange inspiration and knowledge with students from partner institutions as for example from India or China. Have you attended any events organized by Accademia del Lusso? Let’s share your ideas and experiences here! :slight_smile:

I have not attended any events by Accademia del Lusso, I am so excited to see Milan itself. I heard it is very happening and knowing that Italy (Europe, in general) has good transportation system. It will be fairly easy for someone based in Milan to go around place of interests, like Venice, Rome, Florence. I really can’t wait to visit them.

I am really looking forward to it! Who are you going with @lucie_lacinova?

@sil_silvestre same here, I really wanna visit Milan. They say it’s really happening and beautiful city the whole long but especially during Milan Fashion Week it is THE place to be. Even though the prices are double I think it’s still worth going there, the experience should be priceless… I’m going with some friends of mine who are living in Rome now so should be fine. How about you @sil_silvestre? :smile:

wow, sign me up :smile:

I have family members there! HAHA. So I don’t need to bother on the costs just the flights :sparkles:

How to sing yo up @Moonlight? HAHAHA
You can just purchase the tickets online or if you are lucky or have some friends around, you might attend some second-class shows for free :wink:
Btw guys is there anyone studying fashion business/fashion marketing in Italy?

I wonder what are the trends this September because the last was on FIRE :fire: :fire: :fire: .,

Not all the collections were ‘‘on fire’’ hahahhaha.
Are you a fashion student @sil_silvestre?

Hi @lucie_lacinova, do you have any idea about the tuition fee? I checked through their website but they don’t mention anything abt it… thnx

Not sure about tuition fee but I guess it’s gonna be quite high. The majority of fashion schools are private and very expensive. Anyways, I saw they offer sponsorship for talented young students for 100.000 € for twenty young talents.
That’s what the website says:

Through our Sponsorship Contest, candidates have the opportunity to receive:
A 50% fee waiver for the course of choice, awarded to the winner of the contest
30% fee waiver for the course of choice awarded to nineteen candidates
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Thanks @lucie_lacinova but I’m tooo late, the website says sponsorship contest closed :cry: :cry: :cry:

@editedegad Look what I found, just do a bit of research and I’m sure you find your university veeeery soon :slight_smile: Fingers crossed !!! :smiley:

Wow thanks so much @lucie_lacinova
Yeah I will def do research, seems like there are good options out there & also tips on how to finance your studies. Your link is very helpful, thank you !!! :low_brightness:

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