Mid-Autumn Festival 2019 at UCSI

Mooncakes and lanterns accompanied with the bright moonlight. Yes, here comes our yearly Mid-Autumn Festival. :moon_cake: I could still remember how we used to play candles and hang lanterns on our house gates. Too bad that we’re slowly being dominated by technology and we seldom see streets being illuminated with lanterns anymore. BUT, we are blessed to have communities out there still holding on and doing all their best to preserve this precious Chinese tradition. :full_moon:

UCSI University Chinese Cultural Society is one of them! This community holds annual events to celebrate the great festival while bringing everyone together to share the joy. Every year, they will be staging traditional performances along with a heart-warming musical themed around Mid-Autumn, one of the core Chinese traditions. Here are the event details for this year:

The celebration is usually held within our campus and is opened to all students regardless of their cultural backgrounds. Towards the end of the event, participants may also take part in a
lantern parade (a tradition whereby people holds a lantern and walking around a place).

This is definitely a great chance for us to get around with our friends to keep the tradition going while treasuring the moment together. If you’re a student here in UCSI, would you be interested to take part in it? Drop a comment below! :wink: