Mental health will affect body health through food disorder

Nowadays, people in the city are hustle and bustle in work and study. They do not care about their body health and mental health. They only care about their ability to making money. There are also some of them are lack of confident toward their appearance and do something without considering it will affect their body. We should always pay attention to body health but also mental health. This is because many food disorders such as anxiety disorders, anorexia nervosa and purging disorder are caused by mental health.

1.Anxiety disorders

Nowadays, young adults and adults are faced various problems in their daily life such as lack of employment opportunities, failure to succeed in the education system, family problems, interpersonal conflicts and communication problems. Therefore, as the situation becomes serious, they will stress and depress. If their levels of depression become extremely high, it will affect their food habits and suffer from food disorders, which is anxiety disorders.

2. Anorexia nervosa

People who suffer from anorexia nervosa do not like to eat because they think about themselves as overweight should not taking meals as normal people and they have a strong desire to be thin drive them to take lesser food. Therefore, they are paying close attention to their body weight without realizing that they are underweight. People who suffer in anorexia nervosa are extremely thin and malnutrition, so they are having a high rate of getting diseases because of their low immunity.
3. Purging disorder

People who suffer from purging disorder will do something such as vomiting, take laxatives and excessive exercising to force themselves purge after consuming food. It is because they want to control their body weight and body shape and they will feel guilty after consuming food, so they want to do something to purge after consuming food.

In my opinion, we can reduce stress in healthy ways constantly such as play badminton, play basketball and play football to prevent food disorders. Other than that, we should also be confident, be ourselves and be proud of ourselves because there is no one perfect, but we are unique.