Medicine is the Art of Life

Heyyalz :unicorn: Amanda is my name & id love to share with you lads just how wonderful it is to pursue a career in medicine! It is a tough road no doubt but the satisfaction it brings is way beyond comprehension hehe - yikes sounds a bit too much lolz.

What Im trying to say is yes, as medics, we do spend a lot of time with blood, pus, foul smelling wounds & of course ridiculous non apathetic characters but the joy it brings after being able to help come up with a diagnosis ( reason ) of why the patient presented that way, treating him with the right medication thus saving a nearly missed heart attack ( with God’s will ) definitely is drop dead Amazing!

I did my 2 years of preparatory programme IB at Mara College Banting then spend a good 5 years in Ireland studying medicine at the National University of Ireland, Galway.

If ya ll have any questions at all regarding college or uni admissions hit me up so that we can start a fruitful conversation :smiley:


Nice to meet you

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hello :slight_smile: nice to meet you too! are you interested in the medical field vincent ?