Medical Biotechnology- Science for a comfortable life

What is Medical Biotechnology?

"Science for a comfortable life" "Obedience Breed Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life".

Welcome to Biotech

… or not

Okay, What IS Medical Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is the science and technology of using biological systems & living organisms for our benefit. This includes studying living organisms to produce diagnostic initiatives and pharmaceutical products to help improve human health.

So while it’s not involved in biochemical warfare, it DOES involve biological engineering, genetic engineering, molecular biology and other fun stuff. So technically it’s like Umbrella corp. WITHOUT the bio-weapon and risk of being turned into an experiment.

Yeah, this seems more appropriate

If your next question is:

“Meh, if I can’t make bio-weapons, what good is it for then??”

… you have issues.

For the LESS crazy ones, biotech opens a world of possibilities, depending on which subjects you choose to specialize in. Generally, there are two fundamental career paths within biotech:

Laboratory research-oriented
Commonly found in R&D departments, this kind of work involves discovering new processes, drugs and technologies. This includes *microbiologists, epidemiologists, medical scientists and many more *

Non laboratory research-oriented
Generally found in all other departments (besides R&D) within a biotech company. Their work includes bio-medical engineers, biochemists, medical and clinical lab technologists, just to name a few.

Why study medical biotech in IMU then?

IMU splits the biotech course into 3 phases. During the initial phase, emphases are placed on learning important theories and concepts, as well as technical know-hows. Gradually the focus shifts to more hands-on skills,whereby students are allowed to conduct independent research projects and experiments. Lastly, to prepare students for the real world, IMU students are required to conduct attachments in biotechnology companies, which further enhances the need for application of what they’ve learned.

So any medical biotech students here? Please feel free to share your experiences here, be it good or bad ! :slight_smile:

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