Mandatory Complaints thread

Let’s face it, nothing is perfect, and this includes our university.

Sure we might try to sell it as the best university ever - some might even believe this - , but surely we all have some doubts or complains about the place that we wish to vent out.

So instead of letting it scatter and be unregulated, why not make a thread to gather all the rants here ! It makes for a good topic to discuss, and in some way may provide the comfort of “at least I’m not the only one” :sweat_smile:

Still, try to keep it civilized yeah !
Keep vulgar phrases at a minimum, be respectful to others and the university, and let’s share our “opinions” ! <small?(in case the uni stumbles upon this post)

Parking. Space. Nuff said (though to their defense the condition has been improving)

Another “concern” would be the food in the Cafeteria. Personally I think it’s slightly overpriced for the food. I myself rarely eat there and opt for the vendors outside IMU :wink:

Since I am studying Dentistry - I would complain that the course is so tough! Like serious, I know that this will only be good for our future - but most of the time my sleep is really small. Fighting!

Hahaha yes~ I’ve a few dentistry friends myself and when I compare our schedule…

P/s: that’s not to say my course isn’t hard itself ><’’

What am I doing here? XD
I’m suppose to be studying hahahahaha
Ok bye! XD

I think in general I want to complain to the students who can wear whatever they want!
I’m a Med student and we are required to wear uniform everyday and so does everyone else actually but some students like the ones in Psychology :unamused: :persevere: are not abiding by the rules.

I am not hating on the Psychology students but I hope that we also get to have the same freedom they enjoy. #EqualityForAll

Not so many leng lui and leng zai, IMU is full of :astonished: not so good looking people. HAhaha. I will probably get some eyebrows raised from this post #sorryNOTsorry

Honestly speaking, the main points of complaint for this school really comes down to only a couple of things.
1- Parking. First of all there is not enough of parking space, lets assume half the school’s population decided to come to IMU for class at the exact same time, there will not be even close to having enough parking space. Next comes the price. The cost of parking is currently 1 RM per entry which is by all means very reasonable as our family has paid for tuition and facilities already. However, the price will soon be jacked up to 3 RM, and according to the staff (and rumors I’ve heard) that this price is reasonable based upon other universities. They take into account for Taylor’s College, INTI, HELP, or whatever colleges that are out there and came up with this price. That is completely unreasonable. Why? Does IMU have as big of a facility for students to use compared to the ones I’ve stated? Does IMU have enough parking space? And lastly, the car park is not even SHELTERED. They say they compare prices from other colleges and universities, but have they also compared the facilities?
2- Food. As a Malaysian myself, I would have to subjectively say that all Malaysians love good food for a reasonable price. And to be completely honest, IF I wasn’t so picky about food, the food around IMU and the cafeteria is in fact sufficient in terms of diversity and options. However, the food quality, quantity, and prices don’t match up. But this is completely out of opinion and who knows, maybe somebody thinks that the mixed rice in IMU’s cafeteria is the best mixed rice they have ever had.
3- Facilities. Although IMU does not lack any fundamental facilities for us to use to perform our lab sessions and for club activities, there are so many things that can be improved or even changed. First of all, I am glad that IMU provides us with an excessive amount of 4 computer labs, not even including the computers in the library. I am glad that there are a total of 3 large lecture halls, and one auditorium in the school. But what I find most disturbing is, is the auditorium really large enough to fit one entire cohort from each course that is offered in IMU? I understand that there are limited spaces, and the cost for expanding is immense, but maybe as a UNIVERSITY, they should have seen this coming? I am nowhere close to graduation, nor am I even considered mid way through my course, but my first thought of this school is that it is incredibly small for a university. Now for club facilities, IMU probably don’t really bother too much with it. I love sports, I honestly do (even though I’m most definitely close to dangerously obese), but the first time I toured this school, my first question was, where is the gym? When I say gym, I don’t mean the gym where people work out and gain their muscles. I’m talking about a full size indoor gymnasium with basketball hoops, badminton and volleyball lines drawn on the floor, where students have the choice of playing sports in a secure, pollution free environment. And that’s when my seniors showed me the green zone. Utterly speechless. Although now that there is a back court it is still somewhat acceptable, but I still think it lacks a lot of features a gymnasium is supposed to have. It is not completely sheltered, meaning if it were to rain, it is still not a suitable place to do any sports. And that is no doubt a problem for any sport fans out there.
4- Faculty and their communication skills. Any students here in IMU will agree with me that not every lecturer should have the right to teach a class when it takes 150% of our concentration just to understand what he/she is saying. Furthermore, there are countless lecturers that I have encountered here in IMU that simply read of the slides that were made from previous years (even shows which year it was made in the slides). I understand all lecturers are smart, afterall they have all obtained a PhD. But not all lecturers are suitable to teach. I wish IMU could provide some of these lecturers some phonetic classes. Furthermore, the communication between the top of management to the student services staff is not made clear. Every school in the world requires standardized tests (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, MUET, etc.) I myself have taken both IELTS and TOEFL as a proof of my English level. My question was whether or not it is required for me to take the MUET as well. I came back with 2 answers on 2 separate occasions at the exact same place where I asked. 1- No, you are not required to take MUET because you have taken TOEFL and IELTS. 2- Yes you are required to take MUET. It was only until recently I was told by my friends that MUET is required by every University in Malaysia. I hope IMU can do a better job at clarifying requirements for graduation instead of only focusing on requirements for admission.
That’s all, sorry for the long post.

hi @Anonymous!

I think I can understand why you choose to put anonymous as your name :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway yes parking’s a REALLY big issue. Like I’ve heard that it’s been an issue forever since day 1,and I’ve been here 3 years… Then again I guess it’s understandable that they can’t do much about. I mean, it’s on a hilltop, and all the spaces around it has been taken up. The increase from RM 1 to RM 3 though, with the reason of “others are doing it so it’s justified”… :expressionless:

I’m with you 100% on points 2 and 3 totally (even though I myself am not exactly a sports person). Luckily enough there’s vendors outside IMU so there’s an alternative for food prices ( Like, I don’t think I’ve had lunch in IMU’s cafeteria more than 20 times throughout my time there).

Point 4 though depends on courses. For Psychology we had some lecturers like that (had), but I guess we’ll need to be considerate if English is not their native language. The English test part I can relate totally 100%. Some of my friends been pondering the same question as well, though I’m not sure how things resolved in the end. Maybe I’ll ask some of them and I can give you a DEFINITE answer as well?

I think point 4 is probably one of the most important of all. I don’t see the point in attending a class where it’ll be easier for me to understand just by reading the slides than having face-to-face interaction with a PhD professor. This is after all, a private university, and profit one as well. If “some” lecturers have that problem, maybe those are the ones that should be taking phonetic classes. I’m sure English isn’t the native language for most people, but that does not excuse them to read off the slides (which I can clearly do on my own). All students are given a feedback form about lecturers, but the doubt of whether it was read or not is definitely there. I’m not telling every lecturers to take phonetic classes, I’m just talking to the ones that can’t even pronounce a simple word correctly leading to an entire confused classroom that tried to pay attention but still gained nothing.

To be fair, some of the lecturers are not native in English and you can see that most of them are trying their best to communicate. I think, what we can ask as students is to make them repeat what they said if it is not clear, I am sure that our professors would be more than happy to answer our questions and quite honestly build a rapport with them that we are actually listening to what they are saying. This is specifically true since my lectures are in English and I am a Chinese Msian but of course la, my English is not very powder. But you get the point. Better ask than just complain I think - this will solve everything for both sides.

And on the feedback form - yeah I agree - this is not being taken seriously, because you know there are just too many respondents and tallying these data is too time-consuming. I suggest that IMU do google docs - it’s so much easier! :smiley: