Managing Time During Final Exams

I’m in university but I bet you might face it in high school too!

Exams is like two days away and your best pal says,“Hey, let’s hang out!” - So, should you study or join?

Well, it actually depends if you have managed your time well. Let’s say, you had practiced consistently, and studied weeks before - you definitely deserve a rest for your brain - everyone needs rest.

The trick is to not get distracted or to say yes, when you are not ready with the prep. It will create further anxiety.

Sometimes, we might even be able to take in more information efficiently as our mind becomes clearer after taking a break. It’s also important to start earlier for our exam preparation so that our study schedule wouldn’t be too packed at one time.

There’ll also be more rest time available throughout the period, so that we don’t overstress ourselves.

Exam’s coming, everyone! Embrace yourselves =)


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Is a very good article. Is very helpful for me to manage time during final exam, it also can help me on my assignment and midterm exam. :+1:t2::books:

Time management is a self discipline that should develop since young. Time management is important especially during exam period, so that we can use time wisely to fully prepare for final exam. As a student, except to arrange most of time for studying but we also need to know when is the best timing to let our brain to absorb what we had studied and when is the best time to let our brain rest.