Malaysian student groups can visit Germany

The DAAD funds study visits to Germany by groups of foreign students under the direction of a Malaysian university teacher.

This funding programme aims to:

  • establish and maintain contacts between German and foreign universities
  • provided participants with a subject-specific knowledge by organising visits to at least two universities, subject-related tours and informative meetings
  • promote meetings with German students and academics and scientists
  • offer participants an insight into economic, political and cultural life in Germany

University teachers from Malaysian universities are eligible to apply.

Funding can be provided for study trips of groups of a maximum of 15 students accompanied by one university teacher. Individual doctoral candidates may also be funded after consultation with the DAAD. The groups visit at least two German universities where they participate in an academic programme. A cultural programme is organised in the evenings and at weekends.


Who pays and how long is the trip?

  • Funding is available for study trips lasting between 7 - 12 days.
  • International travel expenses cannot be borne by DAAD
  • DAAD pays for transport within Germany, for accommodation in twin or three-bed rooms in hotels or youth guestshouses and for meals. The DAAD also takes out health, accident, and public/private liability insurance for the group. In addition, the DAAD provides a travel guide fluent in the agreed group language who is responsible for the smooth running of the programme.


1 November for trips to begin at or after 1 March of the following year
1 February for trips to begin at or after 1 June
1 May for trips to begin at or after 1 September


Thanks for sharing. I have always wanted to visit Germany!!