Making Extra Money as College Students

Of course, if we just want to eat, get to places, hang with friends or pay for our hostels, maybe monthly allowances might be enough. However, it will be super cool to have that extra cash to get something off our bucket list or just keep in our piggy banks – you know, for unexpected chaos in our lives.

But yea, finding part-time jobs is not that easy, because we must take into account the travelling time, our energy and how much we can earn at the end of the day. So, I only commit to part-time jobs on the weekends where I do not have to rush things.

However, many students are not aware of opportunities available on campus, which are totally manageable between classes. I’ve tried a telemarketing job in Student Enrollment Center and I was paid RM 5 per hour! :smile: All I needed to do was just walking into the office and inviting people to our open day through the calls.

Once you get on campus, what would you love to try? Drop comments below!

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I personally think that as long as students can manage their time properly, it wouldnt be a problem to have part time jobs while studying. However, juggling between study and work is actually quite hard (even more so if entertainment and other factors are added into the equation) as students might unintentionally neglect their studies. Of course, it is a good experience and an added advantage when students step into the working world. Therefore, as long as it doesnt affect their studies (excuses such as not having enough time to complete assignments, study for tests, research etc) then go ahead.

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Pursuing a degree aside, I think it is also important for freshmen to be involved in various curriculum activities to widen your area of expertise through gaining skills and knowledge and accumulate them as the year goes by throughout your uni days. There are various clubs and societies to be joined and you’ll be meeting new and fresh faces whom you’ll bond as time goes on. It is true that something starting a conversation would be a daunting task but why not stepping out of your comfort zone.
While investing your time in part-time jobs during your school days is a great idea, I strongly agree to you mentioning doing them on the weekends, that way you can always take a breather from the hectic assignments to rush and exams to prepare. Whereas if you think you can balance your studies and career at the same time, working as an ambassador to make calls would be a good experience to expose yourself into the workplace and gaining communication skills at the same time, with one stone, you’d killed two birds. Perfecto!!

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