Lost of Interest in Study?

Have you ever think about “what if I quit study?” Many students even myself coped this problem.But the answers are always “Yes” and “Why Not”. So what actually makes us lost the passion?

Find out the factors
Most of the “Incomplete Degree” are caused by financial problem, Age,Family issues,study abilities.

Financial Problem
Actually pursuing Higher education isn’t that expensive. We can choose the either government and semi-government to complete the bachelor program. For example, UNIRAZAK and UTAR are two of the semi government universities that provide fabulous education with low course fees. Therefore, Form 6 is totally cost free as it’s fully under government and it’s certified in A level.

There is never too late to start study. Some people do not want to study after a certain age stage and claim that “I am too old to start it”. Honestly, there is nothing to be shame about further study. Eason Chan-a Hong Kong famous singer. Who preferred to further study in age of 40+.

Family Issue
Can we still further our study after married? Yes! It allows you to get promoted in higher position,it also brings your family living standard higher. It makes you as a good example to your children.

Study Abilities
I was an IT student who facing programming codes and addmaths daily. However, I currently doing degree in business. Because I found I am not really into IT and fortunately it’s wasn’t too late to discovered. Since I failed my IT subjects I used to think about “if I should stop it?” If my abilities doesn’t reach the standard?".So I went to student council for consultation, in the end I found that I just “misput” my effort in wrong directions so I decided to changed my course and I currently doing it right.

What kind of path or ways should I choose if I fail all my subjects?

You can consider repeat or maybe take vocational courses. Just Don’t give up in anyway!!! #Fighting image

For one, as long as you have not sat for your exams, go and consult your teachers, and try doing exercises and master some techniques, do not give up without trying.

If you really tried your best, and still failed all subjects, then you can reflect on what you wanna do after high school. If you are driven to pursue your studies, repeat your exams.