Listening music, good or not?

do listening to music good for students? sometimes students need to listen to music to calm down and create a peace of mind… yet there are students who prefer in silence to do their work and so on… may I know students here prefer which one?

I don’t like to listen to music while studying or reading because it tend to be less efficient and come away having absorbed less information.

For me, listen to music while studying is good. Bcoz it can soothe and relax my mind, thus help me to beat stress or anxiety while studying.

Actually u can hear those Music relaxing music can help u focus and concentrate on your study

What apps do you use most on your phone for listening to music?

actually can be search from youtube a lot of this video

Wow, what kind of the relaxing music

I mostly use joox app for downloading and listening music. this app perform much more superior with network 5G.

For me, i more prefer to listening music because it can give more peace for me and the same time i can sing a song thru Smule. and then, coming soon TM will provide us 5G too. So that, i can get the best coverage.

Technology 5G TM will bring faster and more affordable internet access to us. I stay tuned for more updates on what’s next on 5G from TM.

Great. Can’t wait network 5G by TM.

I prefer to listen to music… One of my way to ease my mind or release any stress during studies…
Are there people who doesn’t like to listen to musics omg

It depends on the student tho, some cannot focus without music but some feel that music is annoying, but I myself is the one who must have music when studying haha.

Searching from Youtube is abit troublesome for me because sometimes they dont have the full version, thats why I use app like Spotify for such purpose, if got 5G can listen with a smoother internet.

Sure their aim would be faster internet connection and broader networks, now not everyone and every area in Malaysia have smooth internet, hopefully with 5G this can be changed.

If not mistaken with 5G you can just sing a part of the song and the app will automatically search the song for you, its very convenient but you need to know how to sing also hahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too, if TM i am surely confident with them, currently all our network connection infrastructures are provided by them also, so of course they are able to deliver 5G in the future too.

depends on students themselves… sometimes students listen to music but instrumental music for better study especially to remember something… there are too many music platform nowadays, they can only choose which one

i guess after 5g being implement, tm the most stand out compare to other telco… just see their internet n services nowadays better than other telco…

Nopeeee. No music during study please… Cannot concentrate to study. Keep on singing hahaha