Let's Stop Procrastinating - 5 Tips for Students!


I don’t think that there is any student in existence that can honestly say that he or she has never procrastinated. Whether your college is INTI, Sunway, Monash, National University of Malaysia, or some other higher education institute, we have ALL procrastinated.

We hate ourselves for procrastinating and yet we have no idea how to overcome it. Such is our dilemma.
Don’t worry though! This post was made to give you 5 tips to overcome your procrastination, finish your work waaaaayyyyyy before the deadline, and let you live your life without guilt! So, let’s get started.

1. Don’t make a huge deal out of your work

  • A huge reason why people procrastinate is because they exaggerate how tough, boring, or even outright painful it is to complete that job.
  • You give yourself the mindset that the work is unbearable so, it’s better to just ignore it for now.
  • However, the reality is that procrastination is more likely to make you stressed and unhappy than doing the work will.
  • So, keep things in perspective by saying, “Alright, it’s difficult, but I am going to get it done and get on with my life!”

2. Be realistic

  • Sometimes, we make our plans and schedules with the best intentions.
  • We WANT to finish work and we WANT to be productive, but why do we find ourselves falling into the dark pit of procrastination?
  • Well, it’s simply because you set unrealistic timelines for yourself and when you don’t meet those timelines, you get demotivated.
  • For example, trying to get up early in the morning to finish work when you’re not a morning person or perhaps a project is taking longer than you expected and you didn’t give yourself leeway in your schedule.
  • The idea here is to understand yourself and accept that things hardly ever go as planned. Keep these two things in mind when planning your work schedule and things will go much smoother.

3. Excuse me, but you should stop making excuses

  • How many times have we said these phrases to ourselves, “I work better under pressure”, “I need to have more time before I can start work”, “I need to be in the correct mood”?
  • This may be blunt, but you REALLY need to STOP!
  • You must be honest with yourself and accept that these are just pretty little excuses that will lead to you never starting your work and having that burden hanging over you like a guillotine!

4. Reward Yourself!

  • Set up a reward for achieving a certain level of work and have the DISCIPLINE to only do those things after you have done what you need to do.
  • Don’t binge on Netflix, get lost in YouTube, surf through Facebook, or try to get a higher K/D ratio until you’ve done your work!
  • Make the things you like to do contingent on you actually following your schedule.

5. Forgive yourself

  • A big reason people keep procrastinating is because they get caught up in what I like to call the ‘Procrastination Cycle”.
  • The procrastination cycle is where you procrastinated once, you get depressed or beat yourself up because you procrastinated, and because you’re now in a bad mood, you procrastinate again!
  • If you forgive yourself for past procrastinations, chances are you’ll be able to get out of your funk and start working on your work schedule again.

So, that’s my 5 tips for overcoming procrastination. It’ll be hard at first, most things are, but if you keep at it, procrastinthingwill be a things of the past! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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