Let’s take a look at UM’s buses (transportation at UM)

Bus schedules at UM:

UM manages 21 buses, and 25 drivers provide shuttle services for students travelling in and outside campus. All these buses are used for students to attend their classes. Service routes for shuttle bus services are as follows:

• Route A

(Library – 3rd , 4th & 7th residential college – APM – FSKTM – 8th &
10th residential college – API (check point))

• Route B
(Library – ASASI – residential college12 / IPS – 5th residential
college – 11th residential college / Sport Center – API
(check point))

• Route C
– (Bukit Angkasa and Vista Angkasa/Kerinchi)

• Route D
– (International House and Section 17, Petaling Jaya)

• Route E
– (Ninth Residential College)

I tried to take pictures from some of the buses as above shown. All these letters are clearly visible on the buses. If you want to get straight into the University LRT station, you may choose either to use RapidKL buses or to take a cab. In case you want to walk, there’s around half an hour walk till there. If you’re considering booking a service for student activities, you may do so at the Student Affairs Division. An amount of rental is imposed on the service of the buses. According to UM’s site, estimated charges range from RM150 in around the campus to above RM1470 in Kangar.

What about Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and semester breaks?
Click on the links below (PDFs) to get detailed information on each of the routes:

Route A & B
Route C1 & C2
Route D

Regarding the route maps, click here