Lecturers in INTI Subang

Most of the student will always look at the lecturer of the subject before they take the subject. It is normal for INTI student. In reality, INTI subang lecturers are not monsters and in fact, they are friendly and helpful when you need them.

  1. They might look like monster but they are not!
    There are some lecturers are strict in class and student always worried about that. Let me tell you that they are so friendly at the end of the day. You may ask why are they so strict? The answer is simple. Students always take advantage on lecturers when they are lenient towards the students. We as student we know that in our deep heart! Lecturer have no choice but being strict from the first day and at the end of the semester we as student will understand them and appreciate them.

  2. They guide us to the correct path
    When we enter college, we are one step away from the reality world. College will be our last stage to make mistakes that we should not make when we are working. Therefore, INTI lecturers always guide us and make sure we are exposed more towards to the reality world. In INTI we are not just reading from the textbook, but the lecturer did prepare us to hold events, visit company and invite successful people to held a talk for students. We as student will know how outside organization works is. We are prepared before we graduate!

  3. You have problem, the lecturer is ready to listen and help you
    We will have some problem regrading the assignments or personal problem. We can seek help from the lecturers to get some ideas or inspirations. Each one of us have our own problem and some of the problem could affect our grades.Therefore, when we know that the problem could affect our academy, we can seek lecturer for consultation and solve the problem as soon as possible.

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I agree and one note to add, that some teachers make great advisors to clubs and the counsellors are there too. I think many students do not actually know that there are counsellors to help the students.

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