Learn to make beautiful and sweet things and have fun

A friend of mine, mother of two, is taking a baking course at the Academy of Pastry Arts and she sent some photos.

They sure seem to be having fun.

Ooooh, this looks yummy.

More fun…

Learn more about the Academy here:


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I love cakes (it’s no wonder I gained weight) :grin:

This reminds me of an interview I had with a cake master, I learned that culinary arts and pastry making are good courses to take especially for those who plan to put up their own business. Her business supplies cakes and macaroons to coffee shops and restaurants in KL. And I thought this was just limited to food fairs, weddings and other occasions.

She said that not all restaurants and coffee shops could afford the baking equipment/machines hence they would rather outsource these cakes/pastries.