Korean Classes @ UPM

I’ve been influenced by the K-Pop wave and K-Pop idol and stuff. So I was just wondering, does UPM offer Korean classes for its student? Watching all the Korean dramas and listening to the K Pop songs are what makes me feels like learning Korean. I want to go to Korea ! ! ! ! :weary:

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Hey there! High 5 for the same interest in K-Pop! :hand:

To answer your question, UPM does offer Korean classes to its students. It is up to three (3) levels that will take you three semesters to finish it all and get a certificate if you’re qualified.

Bad news is, it is a famous class that easily fulled at a short time and only accessible to certain courses.

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And other Psy’s song is GENTLEMAN! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I took Korean Classes before. Everything seems easy until its Final Examination paper. Never further taking it ever since. :joy:

what is the meaning of gangnam style?? anyone?
is gangnam a name of a place??

Well yeah. Basically Gangnam is a place name at the South Korea. :v:

soo u really do took the Korean classes ya.
cause u know gangnam

Yes I do. But I knew bout it from some Korean Dramas. :stuck_out_tongue:

#Gangnam Style to annoy you all

But my friend learn Korean through Dramas, MVs, and Lyrics. :smile:
BTW, HELP CAT has Korean exchange program and students get to bring them tour around KL. :wink:

Korean Class? I recently found one with free registration: Asia Student Fellowship. It is located at Amcorp mall office (opposite Taman Jaya LRT). So, for those in that area zone it may be a pecuniary advantage.

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Wow. A language study with free registration. That’s absolutely a not to waste experience!

That’s awesome! I want some free classes too! :smiley:

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