KDU Penang College Programmes | Malaysia

Here are some of the programmes available at KDU College Penang:

Pre- University
Cambridge International Examinations GCE A-levl (Humanities & Science)

School of Art & Social Sciences
Diploma in Business
BA (Hons) in Business Management & Finance 3+0 (Keele University, UK)
BA (Hons) in Business Management & Marketing 3+0 (Keele University, UK)

Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
CFP Certification

Diploma in Interior Design
Diploma in Creative Media Design

Mass Communication
Diploma in Mass Communication
BSc (Hons) in Communication & Public Relations 3+0 (Northumbria University)

School of Nursing & Allied Health
Diploma in Nursing

School of Engineering, Science & Technology

Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Mechatronics)
Diploma in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (Microelectronics)
Beng (Hons) in Electrical & Electronics Engineering 3+0 (Northumbria University)
Beng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering 3+0 (Northumbria University)

Information Technology
Certificate in Information Technology
Diploma in Computer Studies
Diploma in Games Technology
BSc (Hons) in Computing Studies 3+0 (Northumbria University)

School of Hospitality, Tourism & Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts
IMI Diploma in Professional Chef Training

Hospitality & Tourism
IMI Diploma in International Hotel & Tourism Management
MyCenTHE Diploma in Hotel Management
IMI (3+0) BA in International Hotel & Tourism Management