It's not about pleasing, but HUMANITY

Have you ever been judged for “having too much friends”? I’ve seen people getting criticized for being friendly and talk to everyone around them. Some people even make harsh remarks like “He/she surely has no true friends”, “Such a faker” and “All he/she knows is pleasing people to get attention”. But I don’t agree at all.

For me, I think it’s sad that people nowadays are forgetting the basic manner of saying “Hi” to their classmates. Other than hanging out with our close friends, I think it’s important for us to maintain a good relationship with other people around us as well.

I’ll share my stories as example. Whenever I see someone I recognize in uni, I’ll say hi to them or at the very least, smile to them. Some of them will happily respond while some may still choose to ignore. :woman_shrugging: Either way, I would still do the same next time we see them because I think that’s really the basic thing that we should do as human beings.

Sometimes, I would even do so to someone that I don’t know but somehow got in eye contact with them. (It’s funny that sometimes strangers would even respond better than people we know.) In some good cases, we will have a good chat and learn more about each other. I had so much fun talking with a janitor back then in my internship place. She even gave me a hug when I was leaving the company. :smile:

Sometimes, we might surprisingly get the chance to help out each other with something. Back then when I was looking for a SPM reference book in a bookstore, a lady came by to ask for direction and my mom helped her out with it. The lady was very happy and thanked us before leaving. After just a minute, she reappeared and asked us if we are finding books for SPM.

We really didn’t expect that would offer to pass us the old books of her graduated child. :smile: She gave us her contact number and a day after that, she invited us to her house to get the books. We were so thankful for her help and offered to treat her family a meal. However, she refused and only said this to us: “It’s okay, just keep it up with your kindness and pass these books to people who need them in the future.” That was when I realized how much a little kindness could mean to everyone.

Photo by Duy Pham on Unsplash

Therefore, guys, let’s not be too concerned about what people think of us and continue to be nice to others. Start it by saying ‘Hi’ to your classmates today. :wink: