Is there a library in HELP University?

Libraries usually lie on a spectrum in student preferences. Some would want to use the library while some don’t. This space could be used to garner knowledge or simply to garner strength and energy for the next class (in short: SLEEP).

No matter what the usage, HELP has provide various units at their campuses. Each of these campuses are equipped with a library which can be accessed within a certain duration set by the library.

The library is filled with books and various other materials to read, that is up to date and even some that have been used in the past, so that student needing various referencing can access them.

Regardless, the library is always accessible and it is the labyrinth to success, do visit the library, you would love a space of silence, in the bustling university life.

Question, do you actually use the books in the library or take it mostly a place to study?

well not always I use the books there, but most of the time to snooze for a bit hahaha or even to enjoy the environment of peace and quiet so that I can concentrate better while studying.