Is South Australian Matriculation a good Pre-U programme?


  1. What is SAM / SACE?
    Its a pre-university programme based on the Year 12 Syllabus is Adelaide, South Australia.
    It is not the same as AUSMAT (Western Australia) or NSW HSC (New South Wales).

  2. How is the course structure like?
    SAM / SACE is heavy on the coursework.
    Coursework 70%
    Final exam 30%
    The coursework comprises of investigative folios, quizzes, and class tests.

  3. Where is this course offered?
    Taylor’s College
    INTI College Nilai
    DISTED, Penang
    The links to these colleges are at the bottom of the post.

  4. How long is this course?
    At Taylor’s College: 12 months (January Intake) 10 months (March Intake) 18 months (July Intake) 14 months (September Intake)
    At INTI College Nilai: 11 months (January Intake) or 8 months (March Intake)
    At DISTED: 12 months (January/March Intake) or 18 months (July Intake)
    As you can see, the course ranges from 8 months up to 18 months.
    For students who prefer a shorter and more intensive course, the 8 months option would be better.
    However, for those who prefer a more relaxed path, a longer duration would prove useful.

  5. How much does it cost?
    Taylor’s College: RM 23,000 to RM 35,000 (Depending on the number of Semesters)
    INTI College Nilai: RM 21,700
    DISTED: RM 13,110 (JAN and MAR) RM 16,880 (SEPT)

  6. What are the subjects offered?
    Students are required to take 5 subjects, including English as Second Language Studies.
    Other subjects offered include:
    Mathematical Studies
    Specialist Mathematics
    Legal Studies
    English Communication (Taylor’s ONLY)
    Information Technology Studies (DISTED ONLY)
    Malay for Background Speakers (DISTED ONLY)
    Research Project B

  7. Is SAM / SACE only for those who wish to study in Australia?
    No. With you ATAR results, you can study in private institutions in Malaysia as well as almost most student-preferred countries such as Singapore, Australia, UK, India, US, Canada and many other countries.

  8. Is this programme suitable for me?
    The programme is suitable for all those who want an internationally recognised pre-university certification.
    You should be independent as well as co-operative in order to get through this course.
    This course is also for those who revise constantly and regularly and are hardworking.
    However, this course is NOT for those who want to live a laid back life and are serious procrastinators.

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Nice article…btw, how was your experience studying at INTI for your pre-u?