Is it necessary to ask child to go into the convenience store alone?

Hahahahha, i am so curious, if the children below 7 years old, how they know to pay??

I saw some news about a child bought game credit and more than 10k in Taiwan, so if we use any apps, then we can control over children to reduced purchase and this is better

i think this setel only applicable for petrol only

it kind of ignorance by letting them like that… just take note that those precious time time can turn to something that you will regret all of your life…mind that missing children happen a numerous time…

yea i always told my child dont go anywhere without any adult accompany even though it just nearby. like you said there were too many cars at petrol station that may cause accident.

you can just open the window and let them stay in the car. im sure that fill up the fuel doesnt took much time so its not even hot.

Yes , its apply for petrol , similar to ewallet .moreover its can accumulate point

seems not taking are of children, either children really wan buys stuff , then parents need to accompany , else better ask them say in the car & open a window due during pump petrol need to switch off engine .

I thin he is trying to say that some of kids don’t wan stay in the car even open an window . Hence they rather go convenient shop to enjoy air conds and buy stuff. Specially ,queue up for pay petrol .

thats why need to have parent. the thing is parent should monitor their children very well. already have setel app to reduce the prob itself then just use it la.

true. i already use setel and only took me around 2 minutes to choose which petrol station, which pump and amount. only go out for refuel and thats it.

those ways seem good practice to prevent unwanted incident from occurring…

really? so i can choose how much to fill up and pump number and no need to go to counter. much easier this way.

7 and 5 years old consider the age that they can run errand by their own. its okay if the father still see them from car. it will be a problem when the father just let them without take a look at them.

yeah i know that… but im just wonder by setel apps that mentioned before… even pay thru the apps and the kids still need to enter the store buying the snacks…

what the world the kids doesnt know how to pay… the parent gave the money… they just took the stuff and gave the money… mostly 5 years old above know that…

what apps do you mean? should give it a try later :yum:

what the apps have to settle the problem? do we use at the pump station only?

the kids may know how to purchase the things on their own but they may careless when cross the roads without looking the cars

whatever it is, safety is the first priority. the parent could think that was a way to let the children become independent but for this age it seem too young.