Is it necessary to ask child to go into the convenience store alone?

Just witness a situation at a petrol station where beside my car was a family with two small kids around 7 and 5 years old i think? And their father looked like asking them to go inside the convenience store and buy whatever the want by themselves, and they went to by THEMSELVES. And i was like, whyyy you’re asking those kids like that. Does that even expose the children to any kinds of danger? :angry:

ask them go convenience store more safety rather than stay in the car without adults monitoring . Why no try SETEL which is do payment without go counter to pay .Its safe for children as well safe timing for queue up

nothing seem wrong. Just told his children to buy something that they want does not expose to danger. The parents still can see their children from the car.

What do you mean by setel? mind sharing with us too bcos i always use much time by waiting to pay at the counter.

yea many people we cant trust today by by letting your children going by their own… should be more careful though…

its is not good practice for small kids go convenience store directly . its is danger although those site are petrol station but many cars there .

There might many car are moving, also motorcycle. Not recommend parents to do like this. Anything can happen although few minutes.

That app which make people to fill up fuel easier. Rather than scan qr code like other brand, just click2 on the app. I guess this will be useful to parent with children, can monitor them easily hehe

the children could be always run an errand so that the parent knew that they capable to do that…not in danger due to its just small circle where you can look for them.

but the children still need to enter the convenience store to choose the stuff…how do they pay without take the stuff…:sweat_smile:

that’s why the parent should assist them. bring them along into the store not just themselves alone. last few years heard abt a man tried to kidnap children at the petrol station by trying to get into the driver seat. so dangerous like that

so basically the app just to pay for the fuel isn’t it? or it can for the other things too

From what i knew, only for fuel. There are in the midst of expanding their services nationwide. Mybe will come with other additional services as well soon hehe

ouh quite interesting. great to know i dont even need to walk to pay at the counter hahah.

heard those news but still some of the parents still careless of taking care their children…they shouldn’t let the child going by their own at first…

Why this setel exist and what is this ??

not recommend let kids alone go convenient store , its danger .its afraid kids in the car feel hot .?

better has teenager accompany even there is in small compound area . cause small kids dont know when got cars or motor cross.

What?? what do u mean this??

Really can know the fuel, do mean the setel??