Is HELP all about Education?

HELP is not only a venue where you receive education that is excellent and of high quality, but also it showcases another facade where, students are also enriched through other extra-circular activities like student clubs, sports clubs and various other societies you can join where you are sure to expand your knowledge and gain a much sweeter experience during your college years.

I currently pursue my degree in the Faculty of Arts and Communication, within this faculty I am currently part of a union called Comm. Union, where its a student union in which we carry out activities, act as intermediaries between students and the faculty. it is indeed a beautiful experience for me cause, this is where I gained valuable connections, helped students and an experience that is worthwhile.

You should give the clubs and various societies a chance! Do head to the Department of Student Affairs in various campuses and get to know what kind of clubs and societies exists. Be sure to find out details about it and I am sure the Depart of Student Affairs would gladly inform you about it.

You could even start your own group, club or society, just ensure that you provide a proposal and proper reasons as to why the group is necessary, attached with a purpose and objectives list of why such a formation, I am sure it would be endorsed.