Is a normal laptop sufficient for college or a gaming laptop will be a better option?

Students struggled in buying laptop for college or university because there are variety of brands, specifications, and functions. Some students prefer the regular ones, such as Acer, HP, and Asus for normal use. Some students will choose to buy gaming laptop, such as Republic of Gamers (ROG), Predator, OMEN, and many more although they did not intend to use it for gaming purpose.

If you are the one struggling right now, which laptop will you choose to accompany you for the whole college or university life?

No brainer mah… gaming!

I study Fortnite between math and science.

Aren’t gaming laptops more expensive than “regular”?

I think a regular laptop with i5 processor, 8GB RAM is good enough. And I’d recommend to get one with SSD drive.

A regular laptop is sufficient to get our school works done. :wink: But if I have the money, why not get the gaming one and use it for both purposes. :smirk:

Huawei matebook! Can cast your huawei phone to the matebook so easy… But i hope better and faster internet after 5G has been implement later on then hehehe

Asus TUF Gaming Laptop is one of the good choices. It has HyperCool Technology, All zone RGB keyboard & 20% more battery Life than Intel solution.

All of the laptop suggested above are great model and suitable for the use of college students depends on personal need. I think the most important things for college student is the stability and speed of internet as they need to complete many assignments.

@sunnyyee1314 Did u realized that TM has introduced network 5G in Malaysia? I think the launch of network 5G will bring benefits to many groups of people including college student.

yes, network 5G is launched by TM. This network 5G TM can provide better coverage and stable connection to all users, allowing them to access internet at fast and stable speed.

not only tat, TM is also capable to deliver network 5G to consumers as well as provide infrastructure to other service provider.

Not bad for me if i have the gaming laptop, but the most important is how is internet speed??

How is the 5G implement in our daily life??

They have launch 5G for all the user, they use this 5G to implement a new technology and we enjoy the fastest speed

Gaming laptop is better, but internet should be fast for uni student, because they need a lot of resource like journal to make their assignment… and eliminate those traditional library and form a online library

5G not only apply just for internet, they can use it for increase productivity for manufacturing line and service line too

is the line stable enough for daily use? i dont it to be disconnected all the time

Don’t worry, the line of network TM 5G is stable and fast because TM do network 5G standalone.

Normal laptop will be good enough, but I know a lot of students are getting gaming laptop just because they can play game also when they are free, but as long as not too expensive then it should be ok.

what does it mean by stand alone?

Stand Alone 5G network utilises a 5G core without LTE and it can support a wider range of 5G use cases and offer ultra-low latency.