IMU Psychology 101: No we don't read minds... we *predict* minds!

No we don't read minds We don't know what you're thinking .... ... Well, not the way you think we do. .... ... Of course you don't. .... ... How do I know what you're thinking? I don't. You're just behaving in a predictable pattern.

Amazing huh?

What is Psychology?

Yes, our symbol resembles a trident

In simple terms, psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. Keyword: scientific. That is to say, though psychology can’t help you read minds, it CAN help you understand why people behave the way they do, and from there we can make educated prediction about what’s in your mind and how you’re likely to behave next.

So yeah, we do know what you’re thinking, but we can make some good guess… and before you ask…

The Many Fields of Psychology

With its broad scope, Psychology investigates a broad spectrum of subjects including biology, personality, health, sociology, anthropology and statistics. Psychologists examine these topics from a variety of complementary psychological perspective, each with its own underlying assumptions of what people are like, what is important and how to study its it. Through observing, assessing and analyzing, psychology aims to unravel one of society’s greatest mystery: Why do people behave they way they do?

What is it good for then?

Due to the versatility of the discipline, psychology can contribute in a variety of settings. Just to name a few:


  • Clinical psychologists may work with other medical personnel to diagnose and treat mental illnesses

  • Counselors can help identify and assist people to resolve their issues

  • HR personnel utilize psychological knowledge for recruitment, training and build team motivation

  • Marketing departments can employ psychology to create campaigns that draw people’s attention

  • … and yes, hypnosis (NO you can’t make someone give you all their money if they don’t want to)

Where there’s a mind, there’s room for psychology. Pretty cool huh?


Why IMU right? Throughout my 3 years in IMU Psychology course, we have been exposed to a variety of psychology fields, which can help students to decide which specific field is of their interest. Assignments has been a mixture of reports, quizzes, role plays, experiments and other fun activities, so there’s not much of a dull moment. Furthermore, the assignments given are usually open-ended, meaning students generally have the freedom to pick and choose what they wish to do. Lastly, students’ relationship with the lecturers always have been fun and engaging, both during class and after. As professional psychologists themselves, they’ve always been helpful, regardless of whether its about assignments or just issues in life. All in all it’s been a fun experience studying there ^^

Come on you’re not even trying anymore !

What are you thoughts on the topic of psychology?

Anything you’ll like to add on? Or do you have any questions regarding the topic?

Feel free to express any thoughts or concerns about the topic,

Also if you’re an IMU student, feel free to share YOUR experience about studying Psychology in IMU !

For those interested in knowing more about the IMU psych course, click here for their psychology page.

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Hey @LJingLim good to have you on board here :wink:

Hahahaha no choice lo, year 3 psychology student (& batch rep) some more, if I don’t intro properly the lecturers are gonna kill me @@

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Eh, but do all Psychology students really like Personality Test? Coz my bro is a Psychology major and he always passes me this personality exam as if he dun know me :disappointed:

@jay_c errr I would say yes and no.

We like to do it occasionally, to know ourselves or other people a lil’ bit better… but we’ve done enough “personality tests” that it’s starting to get a bit repetitive … giving it to OTHERS though… :sunglasses:

@Sea I also heard you can determine a person’s personality by just their hand writing and how they draw. Isn’t that mind reading? LOL


not really. Though we do have certain tests like the Rosharch Inkblot Test or the Thematic Apperception Test, it’s more of giving psychologists an insight on how the client is perceiving things.

As for hand writing, horoscope, palm reading and all those we call them “pseudo-psychology”, meaning they are unsupported by scientific facts or can’t be reliably proven

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hahahah… that question my psy major friend always having hard time to explain to every random people…
psychology major studies and understanding behaviors, not mind reading.
I took intro to psy in my uni and that requires a lot of understanding and memorizing. somehow remind me of the time i took it is somehow a combination of history and biology. having hard time remembering the names of psychologist and their famous theories. Not to mention the neuron, hormone, brain @v@ #pengsan
even study a little bit about the abnormal psy makes me feel i’m abnormal too. I can’t imagine my friend go through the “abnormal psy” course

I’ve always been interested in the topic psychology & nutrition so thanks a lot for sharing those interesting articles @Sea
What websites would you recommend to learn more about psychology/personality types etc? Thank you :smile:

Hi @binbacteria sorry for the late reply

I guess it depends a lot on what you wish to know, whether it falls more on the “academic” side of things or “general knowledge” side :slight_smile:

In general, if you just want to read more about Psychology-related facts and ideas:


If you’re interested in the more intricate parts of Psychology research


And if you’re interestd in a few tests yourself


Hope these help! :smile:

@Sea that’s awesome, thanks a lot for that !!! :smile:

Convo with new acquitance:-

Human: So, which field are you studying?
Me: Psychology
Human: Ah! I see! So you can read me! What am I thinking?
Me: '=.= '=.=