IMU Nutrition & Dietetics 101: You ARE what you eat!

What is Nutrition & Dietetics?

Nutrition is the science of food ! (technically, it's the science of food, nutrients and their effects on an individual)

… " errrrr"

Dietetics is the health field that focuses on the interaction between nutrition & heath~

… “ermmmmm”

yeah… not as fun as eating the food right?

Then again, what is ??

Jokes aside, nutrition and dietetics (N&D for short) studies how food, nutrients and other dietery components affect health development and disease prevention. From that, dietetics and nutritionists can utilize their knowledge for a variety of health promoting campaigns.

What does N&D encompasses?

From the human body to the food we take, N&D studies a wide range of factors that correlate one’s food intake to his/her health

For example:

  • Role of nutrients in body structure, function and physical activities

  • Chemical properties of basic food materials and the alterations
    during preparation

  • The nutritional process & nutritional needs for various stages of the life cycle

  • Social, cultural & economical factors that influenced the food and nutritional habits of people around the world

  • Current nutritional issues such as lack of awareness

What is the job scope?

Dietitians often focus their effort on specific populations, facilitates and initiatives to improve the general health condition & nutritional awareness. This includes:

  • Tailor specific nutritional therapies to address specific health issues through the use of the natural properties in food

  • Develop facility-wide nutrition programs for institutions

  • Increase public awareness of proper nutritional standards & habits

  • Ensure and improve the nutritional quality of prepared food & the accuracy of food labels

  • Research on how changes in diet can affect health

Why IMU for N&D or Nutrition?

Both N&D and nutrition are considered relatively new courses in Malaysia, thus if you want to pursue your future in this field, options are limited. Currently IMU is the only private university in Malaysia that offers both. The course covers a variety of sectors in the field, from general chemistry to lifespan nutrition to even food culture & nutrition. There’s also a chance for you to prepare your own wholesome meal and sell it in the university! Finally, in the final year, students would be sent off to undertake professional training in food service and community nutrition in a variety of community and healthcare settings, rotating from one place to another to gain exposure in multiple settings.


What are you opinions on N&D ?

Anything you’ll like to add on? Or do you have any questions regarding the topic?

Feel free to express any thoughts or concerns about the topic,

Also if you’re an IMU student, feel free to share YOUR experience about studying in IMU !

For those interested in knowing more about the IMU N&D course.
Alternatively you can click here for the Nutrition course.

Hey @Sea, thanks a lot for this useful article. I’m not an IMU students, just a person interested in healthy lifestyle & nutrition. I was wondering, does IMU organize perhaps any workshops/talks/seminars for ordinary people about these topics? Would be great to learn more and get a chance to meet with people with the same interest… Thanks @Sea :smile:

Hi @binbacteria !

Unfortunately I’m not sure if there’s any workshop held for non-IMU students.

Then again it might just be me not paying enough attention

Will update you more once I have more information yeah :smile:

Hi, thanks for the details!

I just double check at and IMU is in the list. Just curious how to enter this course, what are the pre-requisites? Can I straight enter after SPM?

about the industrial training right, is the uni find for student or student have to find their own? normally how long hah?

hahahah @Sea thanks, definitely keep me updated please. I’m very interested, perhaps even to take a few weekend classes if possible. Btw is there any similar institution like IMU, even just a company/society/NGO (i don’t know haha), that gathers ppl interested in this topic? Thanks :smile:

You ARE what you eat! What about getting more? What about getting nutrition from supplements? And even mega dosing? There are many people who even skimp on their food in lieu of bunch of pills. In fact, there are millions of people taking multivitamins and other supplements, but convincing scientific evidence of any true health benefit is lacking. Please share your thoughts on this too.

@rmn_t Totally agree with you !!! People spend so much for special cremes, supplements etc but don’t even realise that all they need can take from the proper food & healthy balanced diet. But that’s power of the pharmacy industry… plus it’s much easier for people to buy pills then think of food the whole day and deal with chocolate cravings :smiley: :wink:

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"For the die-hard supplement users out there, this might be a tough pill to swallow. But for the majority of us, we should find solace in the fact that a healthy diet and exercise need no supplementation."