IMU Best Medical University in Malaysia?

IMU or International Medical University is argued to be the best medical university in Malaysia. In my dentistry alone, the intake per year is only 50. So as you can see that it is a very small number, and I am more than happy to get this priviledge - and all my lectures are damn tough - so I feel that it is the best. I just wanna know what is the perception of the other students here if we are on the same page. Any opinion?

I totally agree with you on this one - the lectures here are damn tough. I am studying Medicine and all my lecturers are doing is giving us more stuff to read, they say that this is still not enough especially when you are in the real world since being in the Emergency Room, all your senses would be activated and there is little room for error. I truly applaud them for giving us a heads up on what is to come - especially the ones who came and studied abroad.

But I think it is not only because of the university but it is also about the individual or the student who makes IMU, IMU. I think we have quality graduates and IMU is very strict when it comes to the intakes.

Most of Malaysia’s hospital top doctors are from IMU’s, so, I’m just stating facts. :wink:

Who is studying foundation in science in IMU?
And also who is studying Chinese Medicine in IMU or already graduated ,can you all leave some opinions or advice for me…I’ll alway say that CM wasn’t the hottest topic in M’sia…
.because i really do know after i finish my foundation in CM, where i need to go…go IMU or China to further my degree will be better… :pensive: