I'm going to tell you a secret about USM

Speaking of driving, the most difficult moment is to find a parking lot. Fear not! There is a secret parking place where students can park their car without having to fear Jabatan Pengangkutan USM will clamp your car!

But…… where is it? Prove it by uploading a picture here!

  • coughs cough*

I may not be a student from USM but speaking of secrets :joy_cat:
found it on my fb page :raised_hands:

erm… * cough cough *

like… seriously??? I thought USM is government uni? Don’t think it’s so liberal…
I’m surprise why is it not gone viral yet… if it’s real, it should be in front page of news.

erm… the liquid stain at the end of the paper looks suspicious…

It’s a prank. An old prank actually.
You can Google for it.

Sperm is not that hard and cannot survive long enough to make the pipe stuck. Test it by cooking plain porridge (no meat, no veggie) and pour to the pipe.

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HAHAHAH @quan, I was thinking of what this thread about. And this is a huge mistake that I made T.T