I'm a science stream student, which allied health course should I take?

Hello peeps, I’m currently taking science stream and my parents are urging me to take up any course under allied health. I first wanted to be a medical doctor but I was told we have plenty of doctors. So what do you think should I take? Any students from MAHSA who can give me some ideas :relaxed:

Hi @Hani I’m not a student or representative of MAHSA but all I can say you should consider a course that you love. It’s true that Malaysia has a lot of medical students at the moment but this doesn’t mean that you should stop becoming one. But if securing a job means a lot to you, there are careers under allied health that you might wanna consider like pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, medical imaging, biomedical science and so forth.

What do you think?

Hi Hani!

I m one of the Biomedical science student that study at MAHSA University. Biomedical Science course also is one of a good choice in Allied Health Science field beside MBBS. We work in lab to discover the diseases and support front line doctors to give treatment to the patients. Good Luck, Hani ! All the best for your future! :smile:

Edward Kong