Ignite - Student Magazine

If you are interested in helping the university team of the making of student’s magazines, articles, and photography, you should probably try looking around at IGNITE student media, ran by a team of students across the faculties in the University of Nottingham Malaysia under the supervision of academic staff from the School of Modern Languages and Culture.

It was first established around 2012, which means they have been running for 7 years now! If you are keen on creating fun content, advertising and working with WordPress, joining the editorial team of IGNITE should fit you well. Putting yourself in a spot like this, you can be expected to hone your writing, proofreading and interviewing skills throughout your time with them!


Who knows? Through this, you might be the next famous author or photographer, realizing you do have the talent in the field of your journalistic skills.

Here is a link to show you how amazing the interface is on their website: https://igniteunmc.com/

I agree!! You should probably try joining the editorial team! You can learn many skills which you cannot learn in the classroom like writing, proofreading and photoshop skills!

Are you part of the Ignite team? Cause seems to see you write topics on the university.