If you are staying here

Let’s say that you are far away from the uni and you have chosen this place, I have some few tips for you guys:

So, when it comes to packing, you don’t need to really prepare too much stuff. For instance, just a set of clothes to be worn for a week or two because there are self-service laundry (coin-operated) available there, so no worries!

Then, remember to bring toiletries (duh!), but just reminding you in case you didn’t put that down in your list.

And important, there are only 2 automatic teller machines (ATM) available there: CIMB and Affin Bank. In terms of budget, I think it is possible to live for at least RM50 for a week, but again it depends on your budget available too.

Let’s say you drove there for 4-5 hours and you forgot something, don’t need to panic, there is a Tesco nearby and you can just purchase what you are missing right there.

Bring your official documents also… you never know when you will need them to apply some scholarships or registration programme…