I receive work offer from online casino Malaysia. Do I need to accept it?

I feel I am so unlucky haha. I am graduated on this year January and finish my internship at February and take 2-3 weeks then MCO happen…:sweat_smile::rofl: My results is consider quite good. Above 3.7CGPA. At first I thought it would be easy for me to any company at least receive invitation to first round interviews. However, as time go I have applied more than 30 companies that related to my interested industries. In the end no one reply me…:joy: This situation continue until June July where I finally accept offer from 1 unknown company. After I do research on this company, I find out it is one of the popular online casino in Malaysia which is me88 online casino. Do I need to accept this offer? Because I don’t have any income at all!

Wow no everyone got this experiences haha:rofl: I think you can use this opportunity to go in depth and learn more about the me88 online casino Malaysia. Why I say so because first me88 is one of the popular casino in Malaysia. Second, since it is one of the popular platform, you can learn a lot of new things and it is a good news for freshgrade. Moreover, you can finally start earning some income in this COVID-19 situation.

Hmm… Why not? Now i era of online casino, sounds like a good experience