How to Score Well in Sejarah Subject in SPM

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

“Read it like a storybook”. Well, that may sound a little illogical for some of you but that was exactly what my sister said to me when I was about to have the paper back then. And guess what, it does work! Our minds tends to remember stories better than theories and therefore, we should consider what we read from our Sejarah or History textbooks as different chapters of stories.

What I used to do was to mentally visualize each of the incidents described in the books and write them down in my own words. This is a much better way than simply memorizing them word by word. Another suggestion from my sister was to study from the textbooks rather than reference books. It is also useful to draw mind maps to link each of the stories together to form the bigger picture.

Me and my friends had also shared our notes with each other and engage in group discussions for the subject. While I shared my handwritten notes to them, I would get their tuition notes to see if there is any important points that I missed out or if there’s anything that I should add on to my own. We also liked telling the “stories” to each other and ask questions after that. We were pretty amazed with how much we could recall by using this method.

Last but not least, working on some past year papers can help out too!

It’s not as hard as you think. Just make sure you know the stories. :wink:
All the best, peeps! :raised_hands: