How to Score Well in Add Maths for SPM

“Practice Make Perfect”

This saying may sound a little old-fashioned for some of you but this is really the only effective way to get a good score in Add Maths. I was so traumatized when I went through my Add Maths exam for the first time in high school. I was quite naive back then to believe that memorizing the formulas is enough for me to get a good result in the subject. In fact, I almost failed it. :laughing:

Photo by Antoine Dautry on Unsplash

That’s when I started asking my friends how do they score so well and they told me that it all comes with intensive practice. Instead of simply teaching them on the formulas, their tuition teachers would ask them to solve at least 10 questions a day and guide them through the answers after that. A couple of my friends also recommended some practice books to me. From then, I started to practise a lot and indeed, I was able to achieve better results in my subsequent exams for the subject. (Although the marks were still not very high. I guess I was just somehow bad in mathematics. :slightly_smiling_face: )

Past year papers, reference books, practice books, online model questions. I really didn’t let go of any chances to practise. (Well, this makes me sound a little crazy but I was very concerned about my SPM results back then.)

AT LAST, I was able to get an A+ for Add Maths in my SPM! :celebration: I was in fact so happy about this achievement than any other subjects. I guess it was because I poured in super much of efforts in it.

To sum things up, if you’re taking this subject, start off by solving some of the model questions in your textbook and slowly extend to other books or sources like websites. Most importantly, start early so that everyone won’t be over-panicked when it’s near the exam. :wink: