How to score high marks in every subjects?

we as a student would want to get high marks for every subject to bring up our pointer. What should i do to improve in every subjects

Hi Charvinn,

Depending on what your strengths are, there are different ways.

I love writing, so I ensure

  • I do not lose more than 5% on my coursework, I do this by really checking and editing work submitted by my members
  • I do not lose more than 5% on essay parts of every exam, I do this by reading and including external sources

For technical subjects,

  • I focus on mastering on topics I can score
  • For tougher topics, I do at least an exercise a day and check with the teacher
  • I seek help from smarter friends

Stay focused 1 month before finals. You should pay attention every time in class, but 1 month before finals, I actually cut down on other activities.