How to eliminate the chances of students regretting their choice of course? #askeasyuni


Students will have their insecurities when a decision has to be made regarding certain courses that are offered in universities. They have to go through several considerations carefully. They might consider whether they will give up halfway due to lack of interest, the probability of obtaining a job in the future, etc.
So what exactly can we do to help students who are indecisive when it comes to the selection of courses to ensure that they won’t regret their choices in the future?

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In my case, I changed what I wanted to study so so many times.

  1. First, I try to assess what I love doing. On a top level, I love helping people and I love leading. Hence at first, I wanted to be a politician and serve people. I tried leading a political NGO and realized that it was dragging me down despite the impact I had helped create. Then, my family members whispered to me than being a surgeon would save lives, and at 16, I was admitted in the hospital for a surgery, and I do not like the hospital at all. After SPM, I tried venturing into small businesses and I absolutely loved the things I learn and the way we help people.

  2. Second, I looked at the subjects I like exploring in high school and do some mapping. So, how do you know if you are weak or simply lazy? Trick is, doing exercises would not feel as dreadful if you like it. You are weak if you try very hard but it is tougher still to get something done.

  3. Third, I asked seniors specific questions and take a look at some of the projects that they had to do. In pre uni, I had a taste of doing economics commentaries and business reviews and fell in love with business research and analytics more than anything. Everything from Business Insider and Tech in Asia excite me, that is when I knew what to focus on

  4. Fourth, throughout my studies, I ensured to keep myself updated with the industries I am interested in. For example, I was studying business, but web dev was not in my syllabus, I took classes on my own to complement the management side of things.

I also read articles! Like this one


When things get bad, just remember why we started in the first place. For me, I wanted to make learning more fun through technology, and everything in the middle that would help me with this makes sense. And, it is okay to not do well in 2 to 3 courses as compared to 16 to 20 courses. Just be patient and push through.

How about trying out a Personal Career Test to find out their true interests? Students can feel free to walk in to our Student Enrollment Centre in UCSI to figure out careers that may be suitable or fit their interests. Anyway, this is just one way of it.

Most importantly, students must find a balance between what they are interested in and what they are good at. This is because students have the tendency to give up halfway not only because they are not interested in the first place. Some may be first very interested in a course but slowly loses interest in it because they are not performing well and demotivated by repeated set-backs.

The vital step of it is to gather as much information as possible and seek for consultation to get a better idea of a course before making the decision. :relieved: