How to budget as a student driver? #askeasyuni


I’m planning on driving to college from now on, but I don’t know the right way to budget my money for touch&go, toll, petrol and whatnot.

Depends on where are you staying?

yes, it really depends on where you are staying, however I may share you some of the public transport options and also list down some of the cost if you drive to college.

Public Transport

  1. SS15 Lrt Station - Kelana Jaya Line
  2. SJ02 bus from Puchong Tesco to SS15 bus station outside RhB Bank - free
  3. Subang Jaya KTM - INTI has arrange shuttle buses to send students from campus to KTM station and the other way round as scheduled

(you may apply the student RapidKL card to enjoy 50% discount for all trips or getting RM 100/ RM 50 unlimited access package)

Drive to college

  1. Average tolls - RM 2 - RM 3 per trip
  2. Parking - MPSJ parking lot - RM 8 per day max
  3. other parking area, SS14, SS15, SS17 (far from campus)
  4. Petrol - depending on your car model and distant (average RM 20-50 per week)

hope it helps!

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