How I rate my professors

Generally, there are many types of professors at INTI Subang. Since I am from the American school, I can only speak on behalf of the CAE lecturers.

I think CAE has a good mix of lecturers with different personalities:

(1) Some would present and give you handouts /exercises - This type of lecturer teach us to be disciplined.
(2) Some would focus on industry experiences - This type of lecturer teach us to be creative and to be bold with ideas
(3) Some would give really challenging assignments - This type of lecturer give us a reason to stay up at nights and push ourselves further
(4) Some would give easy As - This type of lecturer would give us the encouragement to continue studying
(5) Some would ask higher level questions - This type of lecturer teaches us to be global citizens with life values

Overall, they have a pretty good score of 8/10.