Hostel - Why You Should Consider the Floor You're Choosing

In case you do not know, the Semenyih did experience flash floods- happened twice, during my last academic year due to a downpour.

One of the areas affected actually included the student hostel of Nottingham University Malaysia (J Block).

What happened here was terrible, some of my friends who lived in the ground floor for the hostels got their rooms flooded. So, on a side note, in my personal opinion, I think that new students should take note on whether to pick accommodation on campus especially at J Block - or consider other alternatives.

However, the I Block on campus on the other hand is not bad as an accommodation spot, first, a walking distance away and way cheaper than the rooms in J Block.

So, yea guys - take this tip and stay dry!


The flood event only happened recently last year, I don’t think it really happened that frequently though, so I think people shouldn’t neglect staying in J block.

I’m not sure about accommodation, but I think that i am starting to get fed up with the on campus accommodation and am planning to stay off campus soon